My Cookies

Baking cookies can be a science   Measure all the variables and wait for reaction   Not acting fast enough can leave you burned   But you must try again   Because cookies are beautiful   A different type for different tastes   That one cookie that you dream about   Lust over   Creep […]

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Washed Away

The river beats against the shore as my memory stirs. Blocking out the world, and focusing on the water. It’s fluidity and freedom. Curving over the great Canadian landscape. Thriving are nearby ecosystems and economies. But even though it runs freely, we try our best to harvest it. We take for granted, the one source […]

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Naturally Normal

What do I want? I just want a brother Who will love me like no other Who ain’t no homo on the down low Looking for a hook up Or waiting for a break up Of someone else they already share a bed with Shit ain’t cool with me Because I spit my truth As […]

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Mr. Candlestick Man

With a smile full of sunshine, your gentle voice with passionate resonance spoke of love and trust. Facing whatever snakes that slithered around your boots. As their shadows danced within your candlelight. But you outshined the lime and spot lights. Mesmerizing the chorus and audience that held your presence within our applause. So lonely you […]

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Candied Apple

September 7, 2015. – A little something something to delight your palette. My sexual partners have varied over the years. From ages, to body shapes, to ethnicities and gender variations. All male or hyper masculine. My skin has been touched by indigenous and the settled. My mouth has tasted the lips, from worlds that no […]

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What if we didn’t let go?

September 6, 2015 – a story about a dream I had of a friend. May her journey bring her peace A friend and I were walking down a street. Hand in hand. Which must mean that they play or played a role in my life that was true. Something real. Something with ‘pure’ meaning.  The […]

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