Washed Away


The river beats against the shore as my memory stirs.

Blocking out the world, and focusing on the water.

It’s fluidity and freedom.

Curving over the great Canadian landscape.

Thriving are nearby ecosystems and economies.

But even though it runs freely, we try our best to harvest it.

We take for granted, the one source that we need to exist.

Run offs of pollution and garbage, flow into environments that cannot wash away our mistakes.

We all make grievances, but nothing has stopped us from creating more.

Instead, bodies of water go missing as other bodies are pulled from riverbanks.

We cannot allow them to go missing.

Carriers of water, blessed by the creator, that offers life.

Powerful waves crash upon us, as those who hold power, try hard not to get wet.

Bottled up anger and overflowing emotions are splashed upon signs, hoping that their messages will run off and impact others.

Hoping that our efforts of change aren’t washed out to sea.

Some communities go up in flames, while rivers turn to dust.

As others raise their homes higher to avoid the ever reaching tide.

Ice melts and waters surge in the heat of human consumption.

Wars are fought over avenues of minerals and rights.

The next war will be of battles for bottles.

That will carry either sustenance, substance or consequence..


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