My Cookies

Baking cookies can be a science


Measure all the variables and wait for reaction


Not acting fast enough can leave you burned


But you must try again


Because cookies are beautiful


A different type for different tastes


That one cookie that you dream about


Lust over


Creep over social media


Some folks are better at eating multiple cookies at the same time


It depends  on the baker


Sometimes it depends on the bakery


As you search the desert tray for the right one


You can usually choose the right cookie for you


Some like to nibble only once in a while


Some need a cookie in their lives all the time


Some prefer to have their cookies to be chewy and gooey


While others prefer crunchy cookies instead of cookies and cream


There are those who hoard cookies


Who treat their treats with hostility


A ‘cookie monster’ if you will


And there are those who don’t like cookies at all


The live a ‘cookie free’ life


That is just as beautiful for those who like having cookies in their own


We hope that the cookie monsters will unlearn their behavior and change


That those who one cookie or who nibble on multiples or those who live cookie=free


Are acknowledged, respected and celebrated


I am grateful for all of the cookies in my Jar of Hearts.




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