Different Directions

Thinking about what this piece means to me. It means so many things. But what does it say? A friend said, “they are the residential school survivors.” And I think now I know what the answer is. They are residential school students, but not survivors. The little head on the shoulder. They’ve made it home […]

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Walking in Balance: A Reflection

This poem is a reflection of words spoken at the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians  2020 Walking in Balance conference in London, ON March 8, 2020. These words were spoken by various speakers, facilitators, keynotes and by delegates at the conference. May this poem be used as for those helpers who are meeting people […]

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That Thermos Look

I used to have this boyfriend and a thermos cup. And one day the boyfriend said “Don’t look at me while you’re drinking your coffee.” Bewildered and hurt I said, “Why?” He responded with, “Because it’s the same look you give when you’re sucking a dick.” I threw away the thermos. And him a few […]

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You laugh without understanding the context of what is being said to you. You pay full price for tickets in solidarity that guarantees you a spot in spaces that others cant access. You feel better that I am out, so you can out me when you introduce me to others. Your BLANK friend. Your BLANK […]

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A Funny Native

I was asked to go be the master/mistress of ceremonies for a community event in Bkejwanong. I’m kind of new to the whole self-booking and making all the travel and lodging arrangements myself? Thanks to the big move on reconciliation and a new flock of Grey Owls, I usually just let whichever colonial agent do […]

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The Griefy Train

The Griefy Train All aboard the Griefy Train! Pardon? You didn’t know you were invited? Well a lot of the passengers on board the griefy train didn’t know they had tickets either. We just find ourselves on a long ride full of crowded carriages, dark spaces, parties with the living, tearful reunions, sad reflections, and […]

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Dad Conversations

If you are thinking this piece is going going to be lighthearted and funny and also very sad and painful, then you got yourself a bingo my friend. My dad was my biggest fan. He really should of have been my agent. The first time I visited him at the nursing home, he asked if […]

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