Naturally Normal


What do I want?

I just want a brother

Who will love me like no other

Who ain’t no homo on the down low

Looking for a hook up

Or waiting for a break up

Of someone else they already share a bed with

Shit ain’t cool with me

Because I spit my truth

As you forget to swallow your pride

You hide the fact that maybe you could love me

This man in a dress

Who will mess up society’s view of what is ‘normal’

I might not be able to birth you a baby

But I can raise a child

Just ask my nephews who love me for me

Because I give them love

And I will not fear your God

From up above who shames me

Because love is powerful

Love is undying

And love has no barriers

And it’s okay to be scared

For I am scared too

Because I am not like him

And because I am not like her

For I am both and then some

I am free and fearsome

No more no less

Because my prowess is fierce

My voice is powerful

And I am not afraid to use it

But I am afraid to say “I like you”

And those three other words shall not leave my mouth

Because I am afraid of losing you

Another and another walk away

To find that other type of love

That can only shine within darkness

Well fuck that shit

Because I will not sit down and take it

Or lose hope as you fake it

And maybe my love isn’t here

In these lands of false brands

Of what is ‘normal’

Maybe it’s already here

Or maybe I’ve lost it

But I’ll stay true to myself

And avoid those caged up waters

Because my faults are my beauty

And my rhymes will turn up dimes

But I shall not support you

Until you can carry your own weight

As I debate your views

Of what is ‘normal’

Because love is natural

My love is natural

And I am natural


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