A Funny Native

I was asked to go be the master/mistress of ceremonies for a community event in Bkejwanong. I’m kind of new to the whole self-booking and making all the travel and lodging arrangements myself? Thanks to the big move on reconciliation and a new flock of Grey Owls, I usually just let whichever colonial agent do […]

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Whatever You Call It

Setting an example for someone else to follow   To inspire   To encourage hope   To try   To obtain inner peace   Chasing it to distant corners   Tasting it   In short, sporadic intervals   Maintaining a light in a hurricane wind   So that others can see it   Sometimes they […]

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My Cookies

Baking cookies can be a science   Measure all the variables and wait for reaction   Not acting fast enough can leave you burned   But you must try again   Because cookies are beautiful   A different type for different tastes   That one cookie that you dream about   Lust over   Creep […]

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It is Good

So much   That it is good   A bulb to create light   Growing   Learning   Loss can be tragic   It creates loss   It can equal tragedy   Positive   Constant   That look upon your face   Your outlook on life   Waiting too long for things to do it […]

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Animate objects both big and shiny. Bend through the rivers, the trees and clouds. Crowds gather to witness such creatures. They’ve never seen them before. Wondering how they move. Producing smoke without fire. Do they breath? What lessons do they bring? Mass creations with no vision. Children laugh and watch. Adults approach with caution. The […]

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One Day I Asked a Question

Don’t use too much spit.  Facial hair can irritate the area.  Make sure to use a lot of spit.  Remember to do your ABC’s.  Don’t fucking do the ABC’s. Only do ‘B’, ‘L’ and ‘E’.  Keep a towel handy.  Just poke it.  With your face.  Try and stay intuned with them.  Ask questions.  Don’t talk […]

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My Skin

My Skin A new piece about racism and a bit of my take on it.    The place within contains my heart and mind.   That makes me walk into worlds I cannot control.   Because we aren’t all whole.   My skin can be found amongst certain crowds.   A cloudy tone that hides […]

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