Count Down

Count Down – September 3, 2014 The clock ticks and time talks As this teeny tiny person hears a tingling twinkle The twinkle remembered as a child challenges classmates like a game of chess The teeny tiny person began having marvelous mind mingling moments to themselves Tantalizing thoughts of teeny tiny persons who were similar […]

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Hostile Keyboards

If we don’t let police into our parade   Is this an opportunity for them to raid?   Our identities and who we are are always contested   Conversion therapy is still being invested   By Canadians who don’t like us and who think that we’re scum   But some folks who are closeted “forget” […]

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Am I BLANK enough, to be here?   Am I too BLANK to be here?   What if I trigger someone, just for being here and for being BLANK?   Can I identify if I’m not BLANK enough?   Am I suitable ally, if I’m too BLANK or not BLANK?   Does your BLANKNESS not […]

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My Cookies

Baking cookies can be a science   Measure all the variables and wait for reaction   Not acting fast enough can leave you burned   But you must try again   Because cookies are beautiful   A different type for different tastes   That one cookie that you dream about   Lust over   Creep […]

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Found and Lost

I dreamt that 2SLGBTQ rights were overturned.  That we were criminalized again.  That we were hunted down.  Made to confirm to people who we were not.  Assimilated.  Terminated.  Because of our love.  Because of the misunderstanding of others.  No more parades.  No more marches.  I saw my exes get taken away.  My friends turn into […]

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A Haircut

August 8, 2016   A haircut is felt with many emotions.   Equating if a a side bob or a simple trim would suffice.   Snip, snip, snip a stylist uses all tools that they come equipped with.   A transitional time that we usually choose for ourselves.   What if someone else is pulling […]

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One Day I Asked a Question

Don’t use too much spit.  Facial hair can irritate the area.  Make sure to use a lot of spit.  Remember to do your ABC’s.  Don’t fucking do the ABC’s. Only do ‘B’, ‘L’ and ‘E’.  Keep a towel handy.  Just poke it.  With your face.  Try and stay intuned with them.  Ask questions.  Don’t talk […]

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