Oh Cantada

I wrote this piece a day after the Tina Fontaine verdict was delivered. I wasn’t going to post it but I need to share how I was feeling emotions can be so raw. I was so angry. I still am. But after attending a memorial after writing this piece, I realized I need to channel […]

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Do you ever find yourself surrounded by strangers and think, “what if, in a moment from now, is the beginning of the end of the world; and this is who you’re stuck with: STRANGERS.”   You don’t know who they are, what they are planning or if they are plotting against you. I’m Native, so […]

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Hostile Keyboards

If we don’t let police into our parade   Is this an opportunity for them to raid?   Our identities and who we are are always contested   Conversion therapy is still being invested   By Canadians who don’t like us and who think that we’re scum   But some folks who are closeted “forget” […]

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Am I BLANK enough, to be here?   Am I too BLANK to be here?   What if I trigger someone, just for being here and for being BLANK?   Can I identify if I’m not BLANK enough?   Am I suitable ally, if I’m too BLANK or not BLANK?   Does your BLANKNESS not […]

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Assimilate This

I am an Ojibway, brown, queer, gender fluid person And I am tired of other people’s white, misogynistic, hetero-normative tears When a trans, woman of colour tells you their story And it makes you feel ‘bad’about your cisgender, male whiteness I don’t give a shit Because it isn’t about you Even cis, gay, hetero-normative guilt […]

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My Skin

My Skin A new piece about racism and a bit of my take on it.    The place within contains my heart and mind.   That makes me walk into worlds I cannot control.   Because we aren’t all whole.   My skin can be found amongst certain crowds.   A cloudy tone that hides […]

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