My Dress is Political

My Dress is Political. It empowers me and inspires others to follow suit. Maybe. My dress doesn’t give you permission to treat me differently. Especially in your businesses and shops. But I will kindly tell you why I wear this dress. I’ve earned my money wearing my dress. And I kept my dress on while […]

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Hostile Keyboards

If we don’t let police into our parade   Is this an opportunity for them to raid?   Our identities and who we are are always contested   Conversion therapy is still being invested   By Canadians who don’t like us and who think that we’re scum   But some folks who are closeted “forget” […]

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Found and Lost

I dreamt that 2SLGBTQ rights were overturned.  That we were criminalized again.  That we were hunted down.  Made to confirm to people who we were not.  Assimilated.  Terminated.  Because of our love.  Because of the misunderstanding of others.  No more parades.  No more marches.  I saw my exes get taken away.  My friends turn into […]

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Assimilate This

I am an Ojibway, brown, queer, gender fluid person And I am tired of other people’s white, misogynistic, hetero-normative tears When a trans, woman of colour tells you their story And it makes you feel ‘bad’about your cisgender, male whiteness I don’t give a shit Because it isn’t about you Even cis, gay, hetero-normative guilt […]

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And Why Not?

Look through my glasses.   And stare into my eyes.   For there is no lie.   That I may look forward almost blind.   I may not see what you see.   Or read how your read.   But I’ll succeed in my own way.   Textbooks and make believes.   We follow until […]

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Washed Away

The river beats against the shore as my memory stirs. Blocking out the world, and focusing on the water. It’s fluidity and freedom. Curving over the great Canadian landscape. Thriving are nearby ecosystems and economies. But even though it runs freely, we try our best to harvest it. We take for granted, the one source […]

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