A Funny Native

I was asked to go be the master/mistress of ceremonies for a community event in Bkejwanong. I’m kind of new to the whole self-booking and making all the travel and lodging arrangements myself? Thanks to the big move on reconciliation and a new flock of Grey Owls, I usually just let whichever colonial agent do […]

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Count Down

Count Down – September 3, 2014 The clock ticks and time talks As this teeny tiny person hears a tingling twinkle The twinkle remembered as a child challenges classmates like a game of chess The teeny tiny person began having marvelous mind mingling moments to themselves Tantalizing thoughts of teeny tiny persons who were similar […]

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My First Love 

​My First Love It is hard to leave him behind  To walk away from the man that held me  As a baby and also as an adult  He is hooked up to machines  That do the work for him More time for word searches Some days are better than others Today he does his best […]

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A Haircut

August 8, 2016   A haircut is felt with many emotions.   Equating if a a side bob or a simple trim would suffice.   Snip, snip, snip a stylist uses all tools that they come equipped with.   A transitional time that we usually choose for ourselves.   What if someone else is pulling […]

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One Day I Asked a Question

Don’t use too much spit.  Facial hair can irritate the area.  Make sure to use a lot of spit.  Remember to do your ABC’s.  Don’t fucking do the ABC’s. Only do ‘B’, ‘L’ and ‘E’.  Keep a towel handy.  Just poke it.  With your face.  Try and stay intuned with them.  Ask questions.  Don’t talk […]

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Assimilate This

I am an Ojibway, brown, queer, gender fluid person And I am tired of other people’s white, misogynistic, hetero-normative tears When a trans, woman of colour tells you their story And it makes you feel ‘bad’about your cisgender, male whiteness I don’t give a shit Because it isn’t about you Even cis, gay, hetero-normative guilt […]

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And Why Not?

Look through my glasses.   And stare into my eyes.   For there is no lie.   That I may look forward almost blind.   I may not see what you see.   Or read how your read.   But I’ll succeed in my own way.   Textbooks and make believes.   We follow until […]

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