My Dress is Political

My Dress is Political. It empowers me and inspires others to follow suit. Maybe. My dress doesn’t give you permission to treat me differently. Especially in your businesses and shops. But I will kindly tell you why I wear this dress. I’ve earned my money wearing my dress. And I kept my dress on while […]

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My First Love 

​My First Love It is hard to leave him behind  To walk away from the man that held me  As a baby and also as an adult  He is hooked up to machines  That do the work for him More time for word searches Some days are better than others Today he does his best […]

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Found and Lost

I dreamt that 2SLGBTQ rights were overturned.  That we were criminalized again.  That we were hunted down.  Made to confirm to people who we were not.  Assimilated.  Terminated.  Because of our love.  Because of the misunderstanding of others.  No more parades.  No more marches.  I saw my exes get taken away.  My friends turn into […]

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There were six of us All standing on the back of a deck That overlooked a gully Very steep with mounds of earth and rocks The world was ending And we made a pact Two of the younger women were crying One man was silent Another was talking us through it Not really a leader […]

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A Different Glass House

There were a lot of hills at this boarding school. And that is how it starts. Another dream. Another vivid memory. I’ve always felt older, than I actually am. Even as a child, I’d insist on waiting until all the smaller kids went first, because I felt I’ve lived a ‘good life’. I was also […]

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