Walking in Balance: A Reflection

This poem is a reflection of words spoken at the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians  2020 Walking in Balance conference in London, ON March 8, 2020. These words were spoken by various speakers, facilitators, keynotes and by delegates at the conference. May this poem be used as for those helpers who are meeting people where they are at and in that ‘good way’ that we hear about and practice. 


What would you do differently? 

We’re everywhere 

Recognition. No Longer Baggage. Validation. 

Love isn’t a disease. 

Learn to love with each other. 

Keep it simple. Organize. 

We need to trust. 

It may not work, but keep trying. 

Just take people for what they are and not what you want them to be. 

Remember who is standing beside you. 

To advance as an individual, you must be kind to one another. 

Everyone in your community should feel welcomed all the time. 

Being an ally starts with you. 

You have a right to care. 

You need to work for trust; not demand it. 

If you give people the opportunity to change you’d be surprised on what can happen. 

Never give up on anybody. 

Everyone has wisdom. 

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have worth. 

Life expectancy has gone because of opioids. 

The gay women’s society did something when gay men were dying of AIDS. 

Be challenged with kindness. 

You cannot tell by looking. 

Normalize the conversations. The problems are here. If not people are going to die. 


Adverse Childhood Events. 

Don’t give up. 

Teachings don’t always get passed down. 

Say ‘I love you’ to yourself. 

If you don’t have the good stuff, you can die inside. 

Trust is hard to give with rotating helpers. 

I get addicted to not feeling. 

If you don’t heal, you don’t grow. 

Your life is worth more. 

Your love can still find me. 

Keep doing creator’s work. 

Holay! I’m just trying to help. 

Don’t stay with people who treat you less than. 

Policies and procedures before posters.

Living in two worlds. 

We all have gifts. 

We each have a purpose. 

Bravery. Mindfulness. Understanding. Storytelling. Experience. Humour. Strength. Worth. Honesty. Creating Space. Inclusion. Resilience. 

Honouring People’s truth. 

Honouring our spirits.

Honour your spirit. 

Help your gardens grow. 


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