You laugh without understanding the context of what is being said to you.

You pay full price for tickets in solidarity that guarantees you a spot in spaces that others cant access.

You feel better that I am out, so you can out me when you introduce me to others.

Your BLANK friend.

Your BLANK partner/lover.

Your BLANK BLANK that was your great BLANK several BLANKS ago.

You make a land acknowledgement without acknowledging your own relationship to the land you are on.

The land that you benefit from.

The spaces you access.

The buttons you try to collect.

You still laugh without knowing why.

My experience makes you feel uncomfortable because your life is too comfortable.

You don’t care to know about my experience, unless it contributes to your benefits.

Just as long as my story doesn’t upset you.

If my story does makes you feel angry, sad, upset, guilty or uncomfortable: Good.

My ancestors story is being heard.

Some of you are listening and hopefully understanding: That it isn’t always about you.

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