Count Down

Count Down – September 3, 2014

The clock ticks and time talks

As this teeny tiny person hears a tingling twinkle

The twinkle remembered as a child challenges classmates like a game of chess

The teeny tiny person began having marvelous mind mingling moments to themselves

Tantalizing thoughts of teeny tiny persons who were similar to them

The clock stops and a door appears

Phrases like “normal” and “weird” always put them in peculiar positions amongst people

First the feeling of facing phony facades

Discovering the differences between dynamic duos of dimensions denied of final destinations

A door appears and the teeny tiny person steps forward

Willing to do whatever to feel wanted, wondering if their love will be welcomed

Hesitating within habitats, harboring thoughts of hardships and of healthier wellbeings

Just one more step

I told them

And they said, I wasn’t.

A phase that shall pass

Allowance not approved

Not my child

One step back

Maybe another time

Just not now

My partner will never know

Maybe someday

Just not today

The clock ticks and time talks


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