Hostile Keyboards

If we don’t let police into our parade


Is this an opportunity for them to raid?


Our identities and who we are are always contested


Conversion therapy is still being invested


By Canadians who don’t like us and who think that we’re scum


But some folks who are closeted “forget” until after they come


We cannot just forget so why should we buy it?


Because before our parades it used to be riots.


And names would be published by media sources


Then again in obituaries due to police forces


As a community we have grown throughout this journey


Because too many have been taken away on a gurney


How much space do they need for them to be present


Some look down and treat others like deviant peasants


But now I’m not talking just about the cops


Since lateral violence just needs to stop


We should learn how to identify our privileges and places of power


And not to withdraw ourselves when our “facts” become sour


BIPOC folks today are still arrested and abused


While others look away and act like their confused


Like they don’t know what happened and still happens today


Because in some places you can die for just being gay.



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