Am I BLANK enough, to be here?


Am I too BLANK to be here?


What if I trigger someone, just for being here and for being BLANK?


Can I identify if I’m not BLANK enough?


Am I suitable ally, if I’m too BLANK or not BLANK?


Does your BLANKNESS not allow you to get access?


Does my BLANKNESS provide you with access?


Have you ever thought about how BLANK you are?


Has anyone ever told you, that you were too BLANK?


Has anyone ever told you, that you weren’t BLANK enough?


Can you be BLANK blind?


Can you not see someone else’s BLANKNESS?


Do you appropriate BLANKNESS because you want to?


Do you appreciate BLANKNESS because you need to?


My BLANKNESS shouldn’t matter.


But being BLANK is something that makes me, who I am.


My BLANKNESS does matter.


Even if you choose not to see me as being BLANK.


I wrote this piece after a very different week. A gendered one. A week that made me question my identity and if I was ‘male’ enough to enter one space, and ‘female’ enough to enter another one. Both spaces and groups were met with open eyes, and reluctant stares. But I’ll always be received that way. It’s just who I am. And there is nothing wrong with who I am. 



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