Whatever You Call It

Setting an example for someone else to follow


To inspire


To encourage hope


To try


To obtain inner peace


Chasing it to distant corners


Tasting it


In short, sporadic intervals


Maintaining a light in a hurricane wind


So that others can see it


Sometimes they notice it lit


Even when you let it go out


Time is always going to continue


With or without you


What you do with it is what matters most


Talking is important


But trying can be life altering


No matter how you ‘use it’ or ‘lose it’


The eyes of others follow you everywhere


Physically, digitally and spiritually


You can say that you don’t have a spirit


But when you feel like the clock is running out


When time is terminal


When your light is low


You do what you can to nourish it


To raise up your own voice


To spark your light


To lift your spirits high


Let others in


Those who watch your light flicker in the distance


The ones you provide encouragement


That person you instilled hope in


You family


Blood related or not


A stranger who picks you up


Cradles you and collects your tears in the sleeves of their arm


Balance can only occur when you let it happen


Let in the strengths of others


To absorb their kindness


To sip their bitter tea


Who will tuck you in


Until you are able to try again


To regain your hope


To lead you back to ‘spirit’


Or whatever you call it



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