Found and Lost

I dreamt that 2SLGBTQ rights were overturned. 
That we were criminalized again. 
That we were hunted down. 
Made to confirm to people who we were not. 
Because of our love. 
Because of the misunderstanding of others. 
No more parades. 
No more marches. 
I saw my exes get taken away. 
My friends turn into comrades who went into hiding or disappeared. 
This may have only been a dream. 
But for some in this world this is a daily struggle. 
Once was found can now be lost. 
And that is why we must always learn from each other. 
And stand beside each other when we are in need. 
There are others who need us to stand with them. 
So that their dreams of inclusiveness and acceptance can become reality.


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