You Almost Killed The Neighbour Simply By Existing



I moved here in early April.


I left my cat behind.


He was left with folks who would give him a home.


It broke my heart and I broke down after we drove away.


He knew something was up.


The boxes were gone.


But the bed was clear of the “clothes beast”.


We were able to sleep beside each other before we departed.


He had a plastic ball toy that had a bell inside of its shell.


It was placed in my bag.


It reminded me of him everyday.


Left in the Sault, with friends I trust.


His love provided comfort.


And so did his bell.


He was mine for only 4 months.


I saw his picture twice online.


I swear it was twice.


Maybe I just knew he was my fur baby when I saw his picture.


At the time a friend was getting a puppy.


And I thought about the pets I’ve had in my lifetime.


After some quick thinking I came to one conclusion.


“Fuck it! Let’s get a cat.”


You arrived with toys and litter.


After looking things over.


Came the bonding.


I cleaned for you.


But failed to sweep.


This was evident after you rolled around on the floor.


You had jest.


You had attitude.


But you also had a lot of love.


Folks who watched you when I was away said you cried.


When I left again, I had a feeling that it was the last time we’d see each other.


Something deep down inside said that this was our ‘goodbye.’


Two weeks later I got the message that you were sick.


Curled up on a sequin shirt.


They found you and brought you to the vet.


I asked you to not get sick.


You never listen.


But that’s okay.


Because you’re at peace.


Under some trees.


Resting with toys and treats.


And wrapped in a sequin shirt.


I miss you Boots.



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