And Why Not?

Look through my glasses.


And stare into my eyes.


For there is no lie.


That I may look forward almost blind.


I may not see what you see.


Or read how your read.


But I’ll succeed in my own way.


Textbooks and make believes.


We follow until we agree.


To be someone who you never thought you’d notice.


But here we are.


When you look into the mirror.


And see the scars.


From the far aways


Of yesterdays and cold rides in cars.


With strangers you hope took you to your next stop.


Back to the known of home and safety.


Staring back into the moments that have created you.


Into you.


Of yonder beaus that played a role.


As memories rolled in a world that was your own.


Knowing that tomorrow is right around the corner.


Keeping up walls to make others stay away.


For they are the ones who are the intruders of your script.


With minor riffs into the lines.


That changes the song choice just one more time.


Letting go of what was and glancing into what is.


For there is know “miss” or “him” for it is only us.


Yes we are different.


But we celebrate the same.


We just forget to do it together.


And why not?

This is a piece written when I just needed to get some of myself out there. No need to keep in any bad mojo, when you don’t need to. Feel fine with yourselves. 


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