My Skin

My Skin

A new piece about racism and a bit of my take on it. 


The place within contains my heart and mind.


That makes me walk into worlds I cannot control.


Because we aren’t all whole.


My skin can be found amongst certain crowds.


A cloudy tone that hides behind a phone.


Sometimes feeling alone


When you’re on your own with just your mother’s tongue.


My skin is different from yours.


My story is different than yours.


But that’s okay because that is what makes us unique.


But we can’t see each other as equal.


When we refuse to acknowledge our differences.


And our indifferences.


To not see the pictures that I paint.


Because you can’t see through my eyes.


Can’t walk in my shoes.


All because we are of different hues.


A blindness that neglects history.


When your history is all we learnt about.


While other people’s histories were not mandatory.


You might not understand what they are saying.


But don’t diminish what they are trying to say.


To you.


Each day I wake up knowing,that in a way I am right.


For there was a day when I thought I couldn’t be ‘right’ if I wasn’t ‘white’.


Today I see people trying.


To stand up and say, “Yes, me too.”


It is hard to understand when you are not aware.


But today you can try and learn, by just listening.


Witnessing what other worlds are around you.


In front of you and behind you.


This is my skin.


And within their coloured walls lies a person.


My blood is the same colour as yours.


And maybe it’s in my skin we can educate each other.


See my skin, because I see your’s.


And baby, you fine.  

I wrote this piece/peace for the upcoming Algoma University Student Union Campaigns- Activist Assembly on February 11, 2016. I’ll be sitting on panel about ‘white privilege’ with Denice Frohman and Natasha Miller. Mr. David Mornix will be our moderator. Looking forward to this awesome event here in Sault Ste. Marie. Knowledge is indeed powerful and just like flu, should spread like wild fire. Like, all types of knowledge from many teachers, healers and loud mouth gender blenders. 


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