Take away our land and we’ll take away your might.

A leader that walks his flock, around the block to thin out the heard.

Flashing lights and loaded guns, across checkpoints of police.

Both secret and otherwise.

Old men who yell at clouds, perplexed by the crowds of naysayers.

Holding onto privileges that are on the border of reservations and poverty lines.

Never missing a photo opportunity.

His selfie stick is dripping with dirty oil and the blood of our missing and murdered sisters; 2Spirits too.

Shutting down songs of scientists, who also gets a check from the PM office.

Haters gonna hate and voters need to vote.

Or he’ll take that away too.

It has already occurred.

He’s listened to our voices and will do anything in his power to stop us.

But we will not be stopped.

We cannot be silent.

We won’t let him take it away from us.

We will fight against his muzzling policies.

He’s taken away the food that feeds us.

And we are angry.  

And we are hungry for change.

And now we’re ready to bite.

Before people like me are imprisoned, go missing or forced into hiding.

In October, we must be aware.

We must vote.

Before pistols end up at polls.

Before more of us go missing.


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