Good Day to You

Turning back the clock as you walk within sunshine.

Smiling at Those who pass by.

A dare is shared if eye contact between strangers are made.

Which can feel braver than letting go.

Inviting someone in can be difficult, without makeup or talking points.

It might not be ‘peaceful’ as creating contact with someone new.

Some one old and then ‘new’ again.

Someone who catches you off by surprise with a gentle grin.

You meet and stumble with ‘greetings’ and give way to a nod.


I can’t verbalize a greeting fast enough, in fear I’ll forget my words.

Side eye and second glances, as people are reunited and it feels so good.

So good.

They were so good.

But you let your eyes wonder a little while longer as those folks reunite.


Giggling and offering ‘how do you do’s’.

The huggers.

The hand shakes.

The eye rollers.

The shared salutations, sometimes without substance.

“That’s Great.”

“Ever nice.”

“You don’t say?”


“Holy fuck balls! What do we do now?”

That last one is always my favourite.

An old acquaintance becomes an instant ally.

And both parities swiftly begin brainstorming action plans and filter through all options.

Even a bystander can tell that shit has gone down.

And then you part.

Back to the individual worlds of timelines, habits and wondering about the ones you walk by.

The ones who walk with you.

The ones who walked a head and the ones who fell behind.

You wonder about those moments of struts and hand holding.

The ones you saw who were upset.

The anger.

The tears.

The dreamers.

The believers.

The ones just looking for a chance.

To walk with them.

To walk ‘like’ them.

To walk with you.

Then stop.

“Sidewalk closer up ahead.”

Do you walk over it?

Go around?

Sit and contemplate, “why your mother always told you that you have wide hips?”

Ah screw it.

I’m going to pass and collect my $200.00, because sometimes you just got to go.

Photography by Bernadette Pizzey
Photography by Bernadette Pizzey

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