Create Vs. Hate

Create vs. Hate

Rolling out disses on dishes that reflect your cuisine.

Never giving a thought of your actions, no matter how mean.

The world is tough and you shouldn’t be so ‘thin skinned’.

But your actions of hatred and ignorance is as impactful like wind.  

That blows over landscapes that breathes life into us.

Or steals it away like a passenger bus.

Paint me with words based on assumption.

Your vial toxin stems from corruption.

No one is born with hate in our hearts.

It is taught through teachings that neglect different parts.

Don’t believe that your ‘jokes’ are amusing and fun.

Just ask to see my scars, that are from ‘hilarious’ puns.

Difference is lovely and globally true.

But if your own world is small, then you won’t have a clue.

My skin and who I love are different, this I know.

For haters who read bibles tell them so.

Don’t tell me to stop rubbing my lifestyle in your face.

For that cross on the hill I think is a disgrace.

For me it does not represent ‘peace’ and ‘love’.

For it is a plus symbol that adds hatred above.

I should not be so cruel, for there is good within its teachings.

But there are some assholes who are corrupt, and preach questionable meanings.

I’ll be gay anyways, no matter what your god says.  

For it isn’t their business on who I choose to lay.

Pray for my soul if you wish, but don’t waste your time.

I’ll still not conform and give your collections a dime.

In fact I’ll pray for you, to see through your ways.

Because you can’t talk of ‘love’ if you hate all the gays.

We ain’t all that bad, we sometimes pray too.

In hopes that one day we can love ‘freely’ too.

To love who we want and travel to ALL lands.

And not fear imprisonment or death, when we reach foreign sands.

We pray that no other is bullied or murdered.

Or commits suicide, when their love isn’t nurtured.

One day I hope, you know why we parade.

For there is work that needs doing, and promises made.

That no child goes unloved, we need to brave.

If we can accept more, how many lives can be saved?

To give ‘love’ and ‘hope’ is a big goal.

But it is better than grieving, and digging more holes.  


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