Sun kissed skin and long dark hair rub against your face

As you cradle my stomach, ravaged by my powerful tiger stripes

The worn makeup on your pillow case

Reminiscence of my cheekbones and lashes

The smell of spearmint, pot and cookies and cream potpourri, ignite the bristles within your nose

The taste of sweat impressed upon your lips, as they caress the back of my neck

A tabby cat, witness to our sins,is entangled in our legs

You in your boxes and t-shirt and me only wearing pearls

Aware of your appearance yet embraceful of mine

Mystified by my difference

Tuned in then turned on by my difference

Except I’m the dark.

My difference is as big as yours

Except in the darkness, my difference is bigger

But rock me gently,not worried of how the world assumes to ‘think’ who you love?

Or how you love?

Your heart is undenying, and curiosity can be obtained with a click of a mouse

The cat is still between our legs.

You collide our worlds and plan our future together

Is it two little groomsmen, or one groom and one bride with 5 o’clock shadow?

A chill is felt as I slumber and i draw myself into you.

Into your warmth.

Into your body

And there is only now

This moment

Shared by no one else

Except for you


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